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Ted Barton

Executive Director

High Performance Athletes

Ted has an overall responsibility for growth of the BC/YT Section competitive results by evaluating and assessing the progress of skaters in BC and then designing the content and delivery of the seminars and programs that lay down the foundation for good skaters development. Results are critical to continued funding from the government and sponsors, making programs and competitive development a high priority on Ted's list.

Event Production

Ted's background and experience in event and video production is also an important part of his job. In addition to other events, producing the BC/YT Section Annual Awards Evening is a 3 week full time project that provides a wonderful evening of celebration to our whole skating family.

Skate Canada/ISU Liaison

Ted is a direct connection with the Skate Canada head office in Ottawa, Ontario and provides a link for the BC/YT Section to the ISU (International Skating Union). To answer any questions involving the above areas please contact Ted Barton at (604) 205-6960 or e-mail him at


Ted Barton
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