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Samantha Dawson

Membership & Communications Coordinator

Communications Coordinator

Communication between the Section Office and our Stakeholders is one of Samantha's main roles. This includes overseeing all online social media content as well as communication through email blasts, website posts and our quarterly Thin Ice Magazine. 

Thin Ice is one of the longest running traditions in our Section and highlights events, updates, news and achievements across the BC/Yukon. To learn more about Thin Ice or to send in a submission, please click here

Membership Contact

Samantha is the first point of contact for our clubs and skating schools. She will assist with answering any questions regarding Skate Canada & BC/YT Section Membership inquiries.

Event Administration

Samantha will assist with Section event administration.

To answer any questions in the above areas please contact Samatha at (604) 205-6960 or email


Samantha Dawson
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