Live Stream Production - Recommended Equipment

Below are some examples of equipment you can use to get started with live streaming. There's an unlimited number of options you can go with when starting your research, these are items that we've used and are happy to recommend for a basic live stream setup. 


Canon XA11.jpg
Canon XA11 - 2.jpg

We've used these cameras extensively at Regional - International events. They record to basic SD cards and have an excellent zoom ability making them ideal for covering figure skating.  


neewer tripod.jpg

A smooth tripod is key to covering skating well. This inexpensive tripod will work well with the camera above giving you all the tools you need to have a level, smooth picture. 

Zoom Controller

zoom controller.jpg

This device connects to the arm on the tripod and allows the user to easily and smoothly zoom in and out while following the skater. For this price I would recommend buying a couple of these so you have one as a back-up. 

SD Cards - Video Recording Storage

SD Card.jpg

The Canon XA11 Camera has two SD card slots for recording video. This card will give you 10+ Hours of recording time in 1080 HD quality. We would recommend purchasing at least 2 of these cards so you're always ready to go! 

Live Streaming Interface Device & Cables


This is a simple device that allows you to connect your camcorder to your Mac or PC to allow for live streaming to any of the livestreaming platforms. 

15ft hdmi cable.jpg

This cable will connect the camera to the Elgato Camlink Device. It is available in length up to 25ft. 10'/15'/25' - I would recommend purchasing a couple of these so you have a back-up cable should one stop working or gets lost etc... 

ethernet cable.jpg

In order to have a successful live stream you will need to have a strong internet connection. This will require that you plug your computer directly into the facilities internet connection with an ethernet cable. It is not recommended to use WIFI for live streaming as it's usually not reliable enough. We also recommend plenty of testing ahead of time to ensure your connection is stable.

Power Cables & Power Bars

power bar.jpg

We recommend this power bar because of it's layout of plugs allowing for power bricks as well as regular power cables. We also like this device because the power switch is situated in a way that makes it difficult to accidentally turn it off. 

extension cord.jpg

The length of extension power cable is entirely dependent on your facility, this link will give you a number of options.