2022 Skate Canada Challenge - Regina, SK
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1 Monitor & Mouse Recommended

We've been really pleased with the performance and reliability so far this season of the TeamViewer remote access platform. There are a some important things we've learned in hosting nearly 30 events so far this season. 

  • Wired Internet with an Ethernet Cable is essential, WiFi is not reliable enough to count on this to work for live stream events. It causes Intermittent disconnections, slows down video playback, causes audio/video sync issues. 

  • Even though during our early training sessions we recommended having 2 screens we're now finding that unless you have a high end PC or MAC and very fast wired internet, 2 screens seems to cause video playback issues where the video slows down and audio is no longer sync'd with the video. We found that by simply disconnecting the 2nd screen most of the issues we'd seen went away. 

  • Within TeamViewer under the View Menu, there is an option to select 'Optimize Speed'. This option should be selected by default although we're finding this occasionally is on another setting so we recommend checking at the beginning of your session and re-selecting Optimize Speed. 

  • TeamViewer does regular software updates and we recommend checking to make sure you have the most up to date version. You can do this by going to the Help Menu from within TeamViewer and selecting Check for New Version. If a new version is available please download and re-open the program before connecting to our system. 

  • Although TeamViewer is compatible with many different devices and operating systems we will only accept connections from Windows and Mac devices that support 1920x1080 screen resolutions. Devices such as Chromebook, iPads and other tablets will not work and we will have to terminate any connections with those devices as they adversely affect our broadcast system screen layout and output.

  • Because of the complexity of some of the operations carried out by our remote operators we also very strongly recommend using a mouse rather than a trackpad. We also recommend that you become familiar with right clicking and simultaneously using the shift key to select multiple items in a list. 

  • Most importantly, please remember that we will always be on standby to help, and within seconds we're able to take over the operation should there be a need. Emergency contact numbers for both Steve and Joni are below.

  • Skype is our preferred method for communication between our operators and the broadcast centre. Below is a link to the group call that we will maintain throughout our event.

  • We will always make an effort to touch base with you before the start of the event and welcome you to to the broadcast and go over any last minute items that might be required or answer any questions you may have before the event begins. We ask that you make your initial contact with us approx. 45min before the start of the event you are scheduled for. 

  • Skate Canada Challenge - Skype Connection Link

  • Because we will have 3-4 broadcasts running simultaneously throughout the week its going to be important that we keep communications to a minimum and when not in touch with the broadcast centre we ask that you please mute your MIC so that we can keep lines of communication clear and quiet during the event. 

  • It will also be important to use Skype on a secondary device so that the broadcast volume is not affected on your main device. 

  • Should there be a situation that is urgent and no one from the broadcast centre (Steve or Joni) is available please call either Steve or Joni directly by phone

  • We will be setting up a Group Chat on WhatsApp so if you could kindly click on the link below and add your name, phone number and email. We'll add you to our WhatsApp Group Chat so that we can use that to stay in touch with less urgent info.
    Contact Information Survey - Click Here to add your info for the group chat 

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  • Below you can find links to schedules, start orders, and results. Also posted below is the most up to date shift schedule. If anything changes once the event starts we will communicate that to everyone ASAP. If anything should change with your schedule please let Joni know as soon as possible. 

  • Skate Canada Challenge Info Page (schedules, start orders, results) 

  • Broadcast Operators Schedule

  • TeamViewer Connection Codes




    • password: 

  • Special Notice - Senior Men Event - Virtual Competitor 

  • We've made a number small operational improvements to the vMix 'button pushes' that you'll want to take note of. Overall they will make your job easier, however initially it will take a few groups of skaters to learn and feel comfortable with the new 'muscle memory' you will develop.

  • During this event we will have more time to display scores and standings as the announcer will read scores and standings in both English and French. This will take some additional time.
  • The first change you'll notice is the removal of a number of UPDATE buttons. You are now only required to update the START ODER (pink button) once at the beginning of the event at the same time as the JUDGES & TECH PANEL UPDATE. You no longer need to update the STANDINGS BOARD after the scores have been presented. Simply wait for the announcer to announce the placement and then press the SHOW STANDINGS BOARD

  • You will no longer need to remember to start the REPLAY REC it will now start automatically as the skater takes their opening position. Not to be confused with the SKATER REC function that happens at the beginning of the performance and after the scores have been read. (TOP LEFT REC button in the shortcuts) 

  • At the end of each skaters performance you will display the SKATER NAME BAR in time with the announcer re-announcing the skaters name at the end of the performance. Once the skater is on their way to the coach you can now go straight the PLAY REPLAYS button. You no longer need to remove the SKATER NAME BAR before starting the replays it will do it automatically. 

  • Once the REPLAYS have started to play the KISS n CRY will now be automatically put in the Preview Window and will automatically switch over when the replays are done. When the KISS n CRY becomes active it will now automatically display the SKATER NAME BAR and put the MAIN CAMERA in the Preview. The only item left to remember at this point is to clear the replay list and prepare for the scores and standings to be announced. 

  • At Skate Canada Challenge we will be utilizing our ELEMENT TRACKER. This is the graphic in the top left corner that will update every time an element is scored and will keep a running total of each skaters technical element score. This is something new to keep track of. The timing for displaying this graphic is as follow:

    • After the first technical element is entered in the scoring system you will see the ELEMENT TRACKER graphic in your input window populate with data for the first performed element. 

    • At this moment you can press the ELEMENT TRACKER (orange) button. This will put the graphic up in the top left hand corner of the output window and you won't need to worry about it again until the next skater.

    • At the end of the performance, displaying the SKATER NAME BAR will remove the ELEMENT TRACKER automatically.

    • This will take a few skaters to get in the habit of remembering so we will keep a close eye on the production during the first few skaters and will remind you if needed. 

  • At the conclusion of each event we no longer need to UPDATE STANDINGS. Simply press the yellow Show Standings button and follow the announcers timing. Once the top 3 skaters have been read out please cycle through each grouping of (6 placements) until you've reached the end of the standings. There will always be an ice resurfacing during this time of the production so there will be plenty of time to show everyone. 

  • We now have enough Start Order graphics to show up to 60 skaters and Standings up to 60th place. You'll need to keep track of which warm-up group is currently active as this corresponds with the Start Order number you'll display during warm-ups. Similar to previous events, we will display the START ORDER graphic at the beginning of the event when the announcers introduces the skaters and again at the 1 minute left in warm up announcement. 

  • You will follow the announcers lead with regards to showing the JUDGES & TECH PANEL graphics. 

  • At the beginning of each event operators will be responsible for starting RECORD on Dailymotion and STOP RECORD at the end once the final standings have been displayed. Steve & Joni will look after naming the Dailymotion files as well as the individual skater recordings.

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Segment Entry Downloads - Steve